20 things I learnt by the time I was 20

The day has finally come!

Does anyone else feel sad about not being a teenager anymore, or is it just me?

  1. It will all work out for the best – whatever will be will be.
  2. Not everyone will like you, and that’s okay!
  3. You will never suit a fringe
  4. Your mum will always be your best friend
  5. Sometimes life sucks, but it sucks for everyone not just you
  6. You will learn to love yourself; self-love is the best love
  7. Being true to yourself will always work in your favour
  8. Leaving school does not mean you leave all the bitchiness behind – funnily enough adults can be worse
  9. Don’t judge people by how you first perceive them
  10. Quality is better than quantity in all aspects of life – believe me!
  11. Dairy is not your friend
  12. You will always be addicted to pasta and pickles (just not together)
  13. Life will never go the way you expect it to, so just sit back and enjoy the ride
  14. Things that used to be so important to you, will no longer be
  15. You will never stop losing things, so maybe invest in some tracking devices
  16. No one will ever know how long a piece of string is
  17. Good guys do exist
  18. Bruises just appear from nowhere, and that’s just a fact
  19. It’s important to drink lots of water and have your five a day
  20. You’re the best at being you…

And here are some of my favourite moments of being a teen…

Until next time,

Molly xox

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