Brighton SEO Has Changed My Life.

The Run-Up to Brighton

This was literally a run-up. It seems no matter how much time I leave myself to get ready to catch public transport, I will always find something that will distract me! Apparently cleaning my coat and my laptop is an essential at 5:30 in the morning. LIKE, WHYYY???

I finally get in my car, on my way to the train station.

Public transport will always make me a little anxious, even if I plan it to the minute and have everything scheduled so it will work out perfectly. I always have the worry in my mind about it not working out properly or me getting it wrong. I’m a millennial, public transport is meant to be my thing… You would think.

You might ask, why are you even going to Brighton, Molly? Good question! As I’m currently a Digital Marketing Apprentice, I’m going to an event called Brighton SEO. Brighton SEO is a digital marketing event that happens every year. And I’m lucky enough to be able to go with my manager. So here I am.

I think we all know how train journeys go, so I won’t bore you and list every song that I listen to (while mentally planning my own music video!). However, I will mention one thing… One thing that happens way too often for my liking.

So here’s what happened. The ticket inspector is doing his rounds, making his way towards my seat. The panic strikes, as I realise my train tickets are in my bag in the overhead locker! It just happens that I am in the window seat and my manager is sat in between me and my ticket. So, as I’m awkwardly reaching for my bag, and mention to the inspector that I’m just getting my ticket; he reassures me not to worry about it as I’m – and I quote – “Cleary not travelling on [my] own.” Then, “I’m not assuming you’re her father, sir, but you know what I mean,” he mutters to my boss. How mortifying!

Me –


Although I’m officially no longer a teenager in 3 months, my baby face is a curse. My mother will continue to say that I will be thankful for it one day, but until that day comes I will always be spoken to as a child. Not the professional marketer adult I’m trying to be.

I try to squeeze in a quick “No, I am old enough!” as I rush to slide my train tickets out of my tightly packed purse. But it’s too late, he’s already off on his way to jump to conclusions with other innocent passengers.

So, it begins

At the event, I met a lot of very important people within the marketing world. There were many familiar brands there that were sponsoring or just attending the event.

There’s digital marketing everywhere!

Trustpilot really stands out for me, and that’s not because they gave me a strawberry mojito ice lolly – actually, yes it is.

My first talk really starts off with a bang. I was frantically typing notes trying to soak up everything I possibly could! I mean they’re on that stage for a reason. However, one speaker really did stand out for me. That was Eleni Cashell; I could really relate to her. She got on that stage by doing hard work, I mean really hard! She was doing the jobs that no one wanted to do, but she sucked it up and progressed from it.

But every job, no matter how time-consuming and tedious you may find it, has a purpose – I’m learning that first hand from her. She has really opened my eyes to the fact that you have to do the rubbishy bits to get to the great stuff.

Work hard, keep your standards and expectations high and you’ll do well!

I did get to explore Brighton a tiny bit during lunch – this is what I found.


Home time

The train home really drags out, but all in all it was an amazing day and I will 100% want to go next year! I have been charged up with motivation to smash my apprenticeship and climb the ladder within digital marketing.

When I finally got back home I was well and truly exhausted. But still had enough energy to organise all the new notepads and pens I got, of course.

It might not feel like it right now, but I beleive that Brighton SEO will change my life.

Until next time,

Molly xox